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The foundation has been organizing an annual competition for scholarships in arts, social, physical, and humanities sciences since 1951. The competition invites participants from all over the world to submit their work examples, such as articles, paintings, photographs, or music. A jury team is formed to evaluate the entries and select winners in different categories. Over 170 scholarships are awarded each year., Previously, the foundation used an old CRM system to track participants, but the work had to be sent manually via email. To streamline the process, a new platform needed to be developed that would allow participants to apply online and attach their competition entries. The platform would enable the jury to receive the submissions faster, evaluate them, and select the winners.


By developing a new platform, we helped them automate and update their CRM system, allowing for faster submission of competition entries, improved jury evaluations, and streamlined communication between participants and other users. We're proud to say that the platform's implementation resulted in a successful competition, with over 2500 applicants submitting their applications through the platform in 2021. Our continued system support ensures that the Foundation can continue to utilize the platform to its full potential, making a greater impact in the art and education industry.


The project was completed by a team of 2 frontend developers, 1 backend developer, and 1 project manager.

Project life

The project took 14 months to complete, with further system support provided afterward.

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