Analytics system for distributors

Analytics System that Increases Your Distribution Network Sales


In order to predict sales of products, equipment, or services, it is important for any large industrial or service structure to have the right tools. The client created a research and education fund to find the best solutions for the development of production and business and needed a good tool for sales prediction.


We have created a system that allows you to forecast total sales, track monthly progress, and compare data trends to make informed decisions. The client gets a market report system that provides critical insights into various equipment markets in the USA. This system also includes a visual data comparison tool that provides real-time weather indicators, trends, and other factors that impact sales. This tool enables the client to find correlations between different data sets and gain critical insights into how to improve the distribution network.


The project was completed by a team of 1 ML engineer, 1 project manager

Project life

Project took 12 months to complete

Used technologies



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