Flutter: killer app or why you should use it in your project


Jun 22, 2022

Do you want to know why you should try Flutter in your projects and how it can help your business be able to profit from its benefits? We are a team of experienced mobile app developers specialized in using Flutter. In this article we will speak about the advantages of this framework, explain why it is used by the mobile applications developers nowadays and tell about the role of its benefits both in developing and in business process.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is the most effective open-source mobile framework. Flutter can easily solve some of the common problems in IT business. Your projects can be different but almost all of them have the same demand: developed mobile app must be easily maintained by different devices. Therefore, there is one huge advantage of Flutter, you can create native mobile apps both for IOS and Android with the help of just one codebase and one special language of programming Dart.

Flutter is a cross-platform tool for mobile applications development which combines simplicity of developing process, its high productivity and maintaining of visual coherence on different platforms. It can be confirmed by such business giants as Alibaba Group, eBay, BMV and The New York Times together with Google Pay and Toyota which have already successfully used Flutter.

By the way, if we compare the statistical data of using cross-platform mobile frameworks in 2019–2021, we can see that Flutter’s position is being strengthened year by year (fig.1).

Fig.1. Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide from 2019 to 2021


Main advantages of Flutter

Flutter is a little bit different from its competitors in some important ways. Let’s figure out how Flutter makes the development of mobile-apps easier and more qualitative.

  1. The same user interface and business logic for all platforms

It is well known that any cross-platform framework gives an opportunity to share the codebase between main platforms. Nevertheless, Flutter makes it possible to use both the code of user interface and user interface itself. It makes the process of developing easier. You save your time and efforts and provide a high productivity of your application.

  1. Short time and the highest speed of code development

Flutter has a special function called “Hot reload”, it makes it possible to see all changes and corrections in real-time, that’s why it works faster than alternative ones, and you shouldn’t develop code for each platform separately, so you save time while updating the application. Moreover, Flutter is ready to offer you a wide range of widgets. It personalizes them and gives an opportunity to create a valuable UI (for example, widgets Material и Cupertino with a high level of imitation of each design language). You can be sure that the process becomes faster, easier and more comfortable. Also, Flutter can also be JIT compiled that provides extremely faster development cycles.

  1. Animated user interface of any difficulty

With Flutter you can use a rich collection of UI elements, for example, buttons, text inputs, sliders, etc. and change all you can see on the screen. One of the most significant advantages is the possibility of personalizing it for your personal needs. Flutter makes the process more flexible and doesn’t increase workload.

  1. The high level of Flutter productivity

A high productivity plays an important role for a good UX. You will hardly feel the difference between Flutter and native applications in case the developers of the app are highly qualified. Flutter has a declarative API for user interface creation and in the hands of professionals it increases productivity sufficiently.

  1. Own rendering process

In comparison with others, Flutter gives an opportunity to use a wide range of modern and different interesting tools to create applications. It is obvious that the framework must be powerful enough. Cross-platform rendering and its high-productive mechanism provide it. Flutter uses Skia for rendering to the canvas given by the platform. This is a modern tool simplifying the process of app development.

  1. Multifunctionality

Flutter will give you the possibility to create not only mobile but also web apps. You just use one programming language Dart aimed at front-end development. For example, “Flutter Web” helps create apps in browsers without changing the code.

Flutter is an important event of transference from cross-platform of mobile devices to tool of cross-platform development and creation. It is one of the really productive frameworks which give the fastest way to build more qualitative, beautiful and natively compiled mobile applications.

Elizaveta Kuzminykh

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

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